Our team

Conversation at the Crossroads was established by a core planning group, comprised of individuals with a diverse range of backgrounds and experience. Meet some of our members.

Joseph Camilleri

Joseph is Emeritus Professor, La Trobe University and Managing Director of Alexandria Agenda. He was founding Director of the Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University (2006-2012), and has authored or edited some thirty books and more than 100 book chapters and journal articles. He has lectured and worked with many organisations in Australia and internationally around issues of governance, cultural diversity, education, dialogue, peace and security, and human rights. In recent years he has convened some twenty national and international dialogues and conferences. He is the recipient of the Order of Australia Medal, and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences. 

Rana Ebrahimi

Rana Ebrahimi is the community Engagement Manager at Cancer Council Victoria and the Co-founder/Director at Hueman Equity Consulting. She is a board member and leader of the Australian Iranian Society of Victoria (AISOV). Rana is the first Iranian woman to be Head of Office for the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Iran. In 2018, Rana led the Reducing Racism project with the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC). She holds a Master of International Law with a thesis focusing on Afghan Refugee’s predicament in Iran.

Benjamin Freeman

Benjamin Freeman

Benjamin is a PhD candidate in International Relations at Deakin University in Melbourne. He also holds a Master of International Relations from the University of Melbourne, and a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from Curtin University. Benjamin’s dissertation examines challenges and opportunities for Australian foreign policy independence, and how it balances its respective relationships with the United States and China.

Jackson Irwin

Jackson is a passionate and innovative thinker who loves time outdoors, long-term travel, and those deep conversations around a fire. He believes people change the world, not companies or governments, but those bold individuals or teams within them. So we all get a choice: “how are we going to act on that power every day?” and “what type of leaders will we become in our communities?” Commercially,  Jackson thrives in leadership positions surrounding strategic growth and in his spare time enjoys building digital and physical social/environmental movements.

Kristian Camilleri

Kristian is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne. He is passionate about working towards a better world and committed to giving young people the necessary skills they need to navigate an increasingly complex and challenging world. He is a big believer that dialogue and conversation, when done in a constructive and respectful way, can be both life-changing and world-changing.

Susan Lengyel

Susan has worked for many years in environmental sustainability and urban policy. She has been involved in many grass roots movements, including community-sustained agriculture, food cooperatives and those enhancing urban ecology. Susan values opportunities to learn different perspectives and experiences of human connection to nature. She wants to see communities engage in open dialogue about health, wellbeing and environment, and play a greater participatory role in politics.

Alexander Hurcombe

Alex is passionate about achieving economic, social and environmental justice, and the importance of reasonable and inclusive debate and discussion to drive meaningful action. Alex studied and researched International Relations and Public Policy, including stints overseas. Alex draws on these perspectives when providing policy advice at the Department of Premier and Cabinet in the Victorian Public Service. 

Jane Hosking

Jane Hosking

Jane is a project manager at World Vision Australia, working to implement development projects with communities in Rwanda. Having formerly worked as a journalist in Jordan, she has an interest in the role the media plays in shaping public opinion. Jane loves few things more than discussing political issues and strongly believes in the engagement of people from different viewpoints to expand thinking and counter the social media echo chambers polarising views and people across the world.

Henry Dalgleish

Henry has a Bachelor and a Master of International Relations. He recently returned from Lebanon where he worked in peace-building, social cohesion and conflict resolution projects whilst studying Arabic. Having lived in various distinct cultural contexts, Henry is acutely aware of the validity of variety in stories and understandings. Henry’s experiences abroad also conferred a strong conviction that food speaks a universal language, which brings people together, starts important conversations, builds common ground, and fosters new and meaningful friendships.

Greg Healy

Greg is an Investigation and Compliance Officer in child labour regulation for the Victorian Government. He has experience working in the Commonwealth and Victorian public service in economic policy, national security, migration, industrial relations and industry support. Greg worked as an Organiser for the United Workers Union, responsible for contract and wage negotiations, industrial organising, and advocating for members. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Economics, Bachelor of International Relations and a Diploma of Spanish Language. Greg is passionate about fostering social systems and structures that provide equitable access to human needs.

Veda Sayakoummane

Veda is an organizational change agent who is passionate about engagement, culture, collaborative teams and business agility. She strongly believes that change is always people centric, whether it be in the workplace, at home or in our communities. With a Master of Sustainable Resource Management, she is conscious of the challenges faced by the developing world, and would like to see the conversation over global issues more accessible and inclusive. She sees the power empathy has to build meaningful relationships, shift perspective and drive social change. You can find her at home in Australia, Germany or Laos.